Layoffs are real and more common than you would think. In January 2020, the US job market had risen until COVID-19 turned things around. In a matter of days, the economy took a turn for the worse and so did the job market. By March, the number of unemployment cases had risen to 6.6 million with many wondering how they will provide for their family.

This life is full of many uncertainties which we cannot avoid but the best way to live and enjoy it is by managing it right. When you sign up with us, we help with the uncertainty which happens in the event of a job loss.

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Daniel Yawn

When I lost my job in 2018, The Rent Payer came to my aid, this helped cover one of my major expense

Sade Boate

It was pretty easy, I signed up, made small monthly payments while I was still employed. When the unexpected happened, i.e. lost my job, they stepped in.

William Count

Being the only one who supports my family, this helped when I lost my job.


We want you to be focused on trying to get back on your feet. An unemployment coverage for rent and other products.
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