As the name states, we are here to pay your rent or your mortgage in the event of a job loss due to layoff or having been fired. The only thing is that you have to be on our plan and qualify before we can make payments. Though the name suggests rent, we also have other options where we can give you a stipend for groceries or transportation.

To be covered, you must have signed up for one of our options & plans while still working and then in the event you lose your job, we cover your rent based on the plan  you selected. In the event you do not lose your job, on the anniversary of your sign up, we send you an incentive check.

  • An Employment Verification Letter (Stating when you started working at your current job)
  • Six recent pay stubs
  • Lease with monthly payments displayed  and many more...

No your monthly payment will not increase if you claim in a year. The only time it increases is if you claim more than three times in a span of five years.

Your monthly  rent or mortgage are the primary things which affect your monthly payment

For our incentive based option, Yes, if you do not claim anything in a given year, we pay you for being in good standing and keeping your job. On the other hand, if you signed up for our low cost option, you will not qualify for the incentive.

In a given year, while you are not employed, we will provide a check that covers your rent or mortgage for the period of months you select in your plan, giving the client enough time to find another job. However, the maximum months we do cover is three.

Yes, you have to be employed and working at the time of sign up. This is why we need an employment verification form from your employer

At the moment, our services does not cover self-employed workers. We hope to have that in the near future.