Thank you for visiting our career section. Here at TheRentPayer LLC, we are always seeking exceptional talent to join our fabulous family. Hopefully you are the one we are looking for, if not, we are always training family members to be better so you will fit it. Below are the current positions available, if you want or qualify for a position that  is not available at the moment but will still like to apply, kindly submit your resume and select other , a member of our team will reach out to you.

Please send all resumes to [email protected]

Social Media Intern duties and responsibilities

Social Media Interns support the digital media staff to develop and implement outreach and promotional campaigns to boost brand engagement and increase revenue. The duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Intern includes but are not limited:

  • Assist with the design and execution of social media campaigns
  • Create weekly and monthly editorial calendars to promote company brands on various social media websites
  • Create and distribute content such as blogs, infographics, videos and press releases on social media and traditional news outlets
  • Track social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability
  • Support marketing team at live and online events

Social Media Intern skills and qualifications

A successful Social Media Intern candidate will have diverse educational qualifications and technical skills to deliver on the job. They should be currently enrolled in a college and seeking course credits. Below are the requirements for the ideal candidate.

  • Bachelor's degree in digital communications or related field such as advertising or Journalism
  • Impeccable oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with the major social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap and Google+
  • Knowledge of social media analytics software including Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics to track audience engagement and campaign performance
  • Experience with content management systems, word processor applications and image/video editing software

Social Media Intern Hours

Social Media Interns can expected to work an average of 15 hours a week. College credits and monthly stipend.

Social Media Intern education and training requirements

A great Social Media Intern will have excellent writing and oral communication skills. The ideal candidate can have a background in communications, journalism or digital media. A Social Media Intern will have a certificate or diploma in digital media, search engine optimization or a related field. He/she will also be proficient with word processing software and other media processing applications. However, it is not necessary for the intern to have a college degree in the social media space if they have equivalent working experience. The ideal candidate should be an individual who is looking to gain an experience in the real world.

Social Media experience requirements

An ideal Social Media Intern will have an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms. The intern will be comfortable creating and managing multiple social media accounts, developing content to inform, educate and engage the brand’s audience to increase awareness and achieve marketing goals. An exceptional candidate will have a working knowledge of the major content management systems and social media analytics, and be experienced in running targeted ads on social media sites.

Marketing Intern

  • Marketing Intern
  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Marketing and Communications Intern

Job summary

Our growing, family-owned company would like to bring on a Marketing Intern for this coming year. The successful candidate will be enrolled full-time in a major university or college and studying marketing or communications. We’re looking for a driven, ambitious individual who wants to create a career in social media and content marketing. We’re offering a flexible schedule if you continue to take classes throughout the school year or you wish to pursue other opportunities simultaneously. We provide extensive training, guidance and support, as well as the opportunity to experience the industry from the inside and gain valuable work experience.

Marketing Intern responsibilities

  • Work with social media interns on content creation for all of our company social media accounts, including organizing cross-platform content strategies
  • Develop new social media campaigns from the ground up, considering our clients’ needs and their specific industries
  • Monitor social channels for trending news, ideas and memes, then capitalize on those trends through our social media accounts
  • Perform research into our clients’ industries and provide actionable tips and advice for expanding their reach in the digital space
  • Assist with capturing and analyzing social media metrics

Marketing Intern Hours/Compensation

Marketing Interns can expected to work an average of 20 hours a week. College credits and monthly stipend.


• Assist the team with client tasks such as AP, AR, write-ups, reconciliations, journal entries, etc.
• Participate in light tax work.
• Proactively demonstrates a willingness to learn and attain greater knowledge on a continual basis; looks to build technical skill base and seek additional work.
• Conducts oneself professionally and demonstrates respect to others at all times.
• Maintains poise under pressure, especially during stressful times and during peak periods of client engagement activity.
• Cooperative and responsive to training, supervision and constructive criticism and proactively meets with Career Coach.
Candidates must possess the following:
• Strong interpersonal, organizational, initiative and leadership skills.

• Ability to work independently as well as within a team environment


  • Current or recent enrollment in an undergraduate degree program with an interest and aptitude to work in Business, Finance, Economics, or Accounting
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Strong desire to learn along with professional drive

Technical Skills

  •  Proficient with spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel).
  • Knowledge of other accounting software programs is a plus, but not required. (Waveapps)
  • Ability to learn the securities industry and apply related accounting concepts.

Internship Details:
• Internship location: New York City
• Start date: ASAP


  • High degree of integrity and character
  • Ability to think and act independently
  • Solid communication/verbal skills and a strong work ethic
  • Follows through and completes tasks with minimal supervision and a sense of urgency 
  • Works well under pressure and well organized
  • Must be detail oriented and deadline driven
  • Ability to adapt to change

Job brief

We are looking for a competitive Sales Representative to help us expand our business by actively seeking and acquiring new clients. You will identify their needs and demands and sell accordingly.

The goal is to formulate strong relationships to ensure growth and preserve and augment our firm’s prestige.


  • Design and implement effective marketing strategies to sell new insurance contracts or adjust existing ones
  • Contact potential clients and create rapport by networking, cold calling, using referrals etc
  • Appraise the wishes and demands of business or individual customers and sell the suitable protection plans
  • Collect information from clients on their risk profiles in order to offer them the proper solution
  • Prepare reports to shareholders on the success of your business endeavors
  • Retain continuous awareness of transactions, sales and terms and keep relative records
  • Check insurance claims to solidify trust and safeguard reputation
  • Frequently replenish job-specific knowledge and apply it on the field
  • Fulfill all company-established policy obligations


  • Proven experience as an insurance sales representative
  • Good comprehension of insurance plans including automobile, fire, life, property, medical etc.
  • Ability to work with computers and understand and interpret standard statistical findings
  • Goal-oriented
  • Excellent skills in communication and presentation
  • Experience in delivering client-focused solutions and in creating long-lasting relationships
  • High school or BSc degree
  • Call potential clients to schedule appointments
  • Generate leads
  • Interview prospective clients to get data about their financial resources and discuss existing coverage
  • Explain the features of various coverage and options to potential clients
  • Analyze clients’ current policies and suggest additions or changes
  • Customize options to suit individual clients if need be
  • Handle policy renewals
  • Maintain electronic and paper records
  • Help clients file and settle claims


This job is a strictly compensation based position. Individuals get paid by the number of clients they bring in. A percentage of the premium goes to the sales agent.

We are equal opportunity employer.