Terms of Use (Grocery Policy)

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms concerning our grocery package. We applaud you for this kind gesture as this will benefit you in the long run. Here, you will find the requirements that needs to be taken in order to file a claim.

Before and during the signup process, the applicant should be currently working and not on the verge of being laid-off or fired. Unlike our rent package, we do not vet anyone that signs up, as a result of this, we reserve the right to put measures in place to protect ourselves as well as the investments of our shareholders. As a result, after the signup process is complete, the client is expected to make at least ten consecutive payments before they can file a claim with us. If they default, their subscription will be canceled with no refund, and claims cannot be made. Also, if they lose their job before the tenth month, we reserve the right not to honor their claim. For more information on this, they can call our customer helpline for assistance.


Once again, thank you for time to review our terms